The Pounds, Tillers Green ( Dymock) (General)

by slowhands, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Thursday, June 26, 2008, 10:07 (4913 days ago) @ sian

Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of
Dymock 1876

POPE William Fowler, farmer, The Pounds

The original postcard has a wide white border around it, and a caption:


The Pounds is within an area of Dymock known as Tiller's Green. The Rev. J. E. Gethyn Jones in his book “Dymock down the Ages” suggests it may have been the Home Farm of the Old Grange, citing evidence of the passage of Monks between the two, in local names Monks Meadow and Monks Bridge.

It was the home of the CAM family from the early 16th century to late 18th. He also recounts that in 1938 a stairway was discovered half-way up the kitchen chimney, and 9 years later 2 secret rooms to which it led, suggesting its residents in Elizabethan times might have been Recusants.

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

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