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Journal of Alfred Harris

Alfred Harris lived in the Forest of Dean villages of Whitecroft and Bream all his life, born on December 15th 1839 he died in March 1925 and left a journal of local happenings, births, marriages and deaths were recorded, along with many other news items and has provided invaluable information for both the local and family historians. He was also a man who enjoyed reading, references to global news points to the fact that this man was alert not only to matters close to home, but also those much further afield.

Alfred, for a man who probably finished schooling at an early age, was forward thinking, one sentence in his journal states, "He that hates learning is a fool and a dunce."

Page numbers of favourite bible stories are noted along with his shopping lists and his beer order was ever present.

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Many thanks to David Haynes and Malcolm Norris for making Alfred's Journal available on our Web site.

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