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by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Saturday, March 05, 2011, 13:57 (3930 days ago)

Sent to us by Janice Rose

Downloads - Wills Section

WORGAN - Will of Richard Worgan of Newland 1654.pdf
WORGAN - Will of William Worgan of Woolastone 1818.pdf
WORGAN - Will of Christopher Worgan of Newland 1658.pdf
WORGAN - Will of Marie Worgan of Newland 1651.pdf
WORGAN - Will of Thomas Worgan of Newland 1658.pdf
WORGAN - Will of Will of John Worgan of Alvington 1673.pdf


Sent to us by Bernard Sharp

Downloads - Wills Section

ALFORD - Will of John Allford Coleford 1854.pdf
FORDER - Will of Mary Forder Coleford 1836.pdf
FORDER - Will of William Forder Coleford 1826.pdf
HAVOTT - Will of John Havott alias John Alford Coleford 1841.pdf
POTTER - Will of John Potter English Bicknor 1730.pdf
POTTER - Will of Mary Potter English Bicknor 1733.pdf
TOMLINS - Will of Ann Tomlins Coleford 1830.pdf
TOMLINS - Will of James Tomlins Coleford 1841.pdf
WORGAN - Will of Richard Worgan Newland 1652.pdf

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