Mary Evans 1873 Forest of Dean Ancestors (Documents Articles)

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Mary Evans 1873 Forest of Dean Ancestors

This is an update of a document originally sent to us by Peter Ishrrwood in 2009


1. Introduction
2. William Evans and Mary Ann Miles
3. William Evans' family
3.1 William Evans parents Charles Evans and Mary Ann Price
3.2 Charles Evan's parents William Evans Sen. and Hannah Thomas
3.3 Mary Ann's Price parents Edward Price and Mary Jones
3.4 Edward Price's ancestors
4. Mary Ann Miles family
4.1 Mary Ann's parents Thomas Miles and Ellen Hawkins
4.2 Thomas Miles parents William Miles and Phoebe Playsted
4.3 William Miles parents Henry and Sarah Miles
4.4 Phoebe Playsted's ancestors Richard Playsted and Rachel Selwyn
4.5 Ellen Hawkins parents Thomas Hawkins and Mary Ann Roberts
4.6 Mary Ann Roberts ancestors William Roberts and Hannah Williams

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