Rising Sun Inn Ruspidge (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 21:30 (2346 days ago) @ slowhands

The Easywell Glos Pubs site has a particularly good page for this pub with lots of history & photos old and new. I believe the pub is still trading, quite unusual for so many of the old Forest pubs. The site states the pub dates at least from 1865, the earliest quoted landlord being a Thomas Guest in 1879 (I believe sourced from Kelly's Directory - http://www.forest-of-dean.net/?Kellys_Directory_1879 ) . That's not to suggest your information is wrong of course, the site isn't always uptodate in this respect and relies heavily on the available Trade Directories - if you contact the owner Geoff Sandalls he may update his site to include your ancestors. He has also written an "Old photos" book of Glostershire Pubs. As good as it is, unfortunately for us it's largely centred on the Stroud district with only a very few Forest pubs mentioned, and sadly not the Rising Sun.
The Easywell website doesn't permit direct links, but this will take you to the home/search page. I suggest you enter "Ruspidge" in the search box and you'll find it straightaway. Entering "Rising Sun" will give you 32 pubs countywide to leaf thro !


PS late edit, sorry Slowhands, didn't see your link to Easywell site !

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