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by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 16:16 (2332 days ago) @ unknown

Hiya Lynne,
never mind the family, put you & your interests first for a change, I'm sure they know where the fridge is !(not sure about washing machine & iron tho?) ;-)

For Redmarley site links see this prior post.

The Genuki site is a truly excellent reference site for learning about different parts/parishes of the Counties of the UK and their history. Also if you're lucky there will be "bonus content" such as in this case the Census Transcriptions.

Must say I'm a tad confused if my posting re Harold William Symonds are incorrect, seems a heck of a coincidence there but these things are meant to try us.

Finally, sorry if I seem to place a lot of info in each post when they'd probably be easier to read if split up. This is because threads on this forum are automatically "locked" as soon as 20 posts are reached. This is unfortunate in cases such as this one, but of course there's nothing to stop a new thread being started to continue the line of research. Before the thread is "locked" (the moment the 20th post is added) any poster can easily add new info to their existing posts via the "edit" button, so keeping the post count the same. Hope this makes sense.

atb Jeff

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