The FENWICK family of The Farm Woodside (General)

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Please can you tell me if Wallace's residence 'The Farm' is a dwelling or an area of land and is it possible to give an exact location?

I have a postcard from the early 1900s adressed to The Farm, Ruardean Woodside, Nr Mitcheldean Glos-shire. The family that lived there were William Taylor FENWICK 1860-1934 born in County Durham, and his wife Sophia Dora nee MARFELL 1858-1947 who was the daughter of Benjamin MARFELL and Elizabeth nee MASON 1827-1922&23.

They had two children: A son William Taylor FENWICK 1883-1954 who moved to Birkenhead and is listed on the 1911 census as a nephew of Samuel MITCHELL 1871.

Their daughter Annie Thompson FENWICK 1888 was in Kensington London as a ladies maid in 1911. I would be very interested to know if anyone has any further information about what happened to Annie after that. Did she marry? When did she die?

I believe that Samuel MITCHELL, (who William Taylor FENWICK 1883 was staying with in 1911 in Birkenhead) married Kate MARFELL 1876, in Liverpool in 1895, who was also a daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth MARFELL.

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