Joseph GRINDELL born around 1826 (Documents Articles)

by EJW9, Ft Myers Fl USA, Thursday, April 20, 2017, 17:04 (1692 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Hi MPGriffiths
Thanks for your time. I have no idea if he was legitimate. I'm not certain of anything I have found or seen of my ancestor Joseph Grindell previous to Austrailia.

It makes sense to me that he was a hoodlum that managed to get transported. That is why I have focused on the arrested Joseph Grindell that is the right age.

In my research I found very few Josephs of the right approximate age. There is a Joseph Hale (who is the right age) living with William and Mary Grindle 1841 Glouc census in Forest of Dean. I suspect this Joseph is Mary's brother, but that is clearly speculation, but it seems promising and worth some time to flesh out.

The entry goes:
William Grindle 30 miner
Mary Grindle 20
James Grindle 24 miner
Ann Hale 50 widow
Joseph Hale 15 miner
Sarah Hale 14

All are born in Gloucestershire except Joseph is listed as unknown.

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