Delaney and Davies families (General)

by Diannep @, Norwich, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 13:44 (379 days ago) @ probinson

Apologies for not inserting dates
Here are some dates that I have found and have kindly been given from people on your site
The graves I am looking for are
My Maternal GrandfatherWilliam Charles Delaney born 1915 died 1982
My Grandmother Evelyn Mabel Delaney (Davies). Died of TB 1941
Daniel Davies Evelyn's brother died around 1940 of TB like his sister
Daniel Davies Evelyn's father 1916. Burial English Bicknor

Eleanor Delaney (Hopkins) Born c 1886 died 1959
Earnest Edward Delaney born in Staunton 1886 died 1964
Hubert Delaney born c 1850 Berryhill
Sarah Jane Delaney born c1849-52

John Delaney born 1882
Kate Delaney born 1874. Died 1947
Annie Delaney born. 1878

I believe some are are in Staunton churchyard but not entirely sure whereabouts of most of them ! Berryhill, Christchurch and English Bicknor
If I find only my Grandparents I would be happy
Many thanks again

DL pickering

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