Story that was told to me as a youngster (General)

by Dlg @, Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 23:39 (364 days ago)

I was wondering if anyone on here who comes from the forest has ever heard this story about something that happened in the war ? I was a very young child and my nan told me that there was a bus and it was filled with people when all of a sudden a bomb went off in front of it , the people that was on the bus was found in the same seats sat upright but unfortunately all dead and just how they were before the bomb went off, like just sat there ....?? I found this story quite unbelievable but because my nan told me I was wondering if this is true? Thank you for any information also .... I was wondering there must be more of my greatgrans Whittington family in the forest that are still around because she must have had brothers and sisters that have had children etc... are there not any of them on here? Thanks for any information

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