Amelia PHIPPS murdered 1873 (General)

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Hi Thanks for this all information on Williams Wife's family. Yes, William was my Great Uncle born in Wigan to Joseph Peart (from Oxenton Nr Cheltenham)& Sarah Ann Lewis.(from Bream )
Joseph was a farm labourer in Bishops Cleeve, then moved to FOD to be a miner after 1871 census
I have looked into "mines in Wigan" in the late 1800's and it seems they were in abundance with shortages of men to work them. The miner owners sent out Overseers to recruit men from all over England, especially mining areas, for skilled labourers. At that time the industrial revolution was in full swing and cotton mills in the north were needing more & more coal to feed the furnaces for power for the looms etc:
The overseers were also looking for farm labourer as they would have been used to hard work, and the farming community was also getting mechanised so fewer men were required.
But why did they move to Wigan? The coal mines in the Forest were still flourishing
at that time, so why move? Better pay maybe...Guess we will never know.

For information - William Peart with brother John(Jack) moved to South Wales in about 1925, but he came back to the forest several years later, although John remained there for the rest of his life.

M Hastelow

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