James Edward Corne 1887 married Lily Thomas (General)

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Forest of Dean records:

Marriage at Chepstow Beulah INDEPENDENT - 8 June 1908

Grooms Surname: COR-----
Grooms Forenames: James Edward
Bride Surname: THOMAS
Bride Forname: Lily

Officating Minister W H SKINNER

Notes: Some letters in the surname were illegible

No witness names:


Baptism at the same church - 8 April 1909


parents: James Ed() and Lily - born 19 May 1909 St Anns St


I am thinking this may be 'Bingo'

Looking back at the address given when the two children were admitted in 1884 i.e. Eleanor H CORNE and Thomas G CORNE the address given was

60 Kenton Street


Ancestry has the baptism at St Mary Magdalen's St Pancreas Middlesex

18 June 1886 (born 7 June 1886 - according to the 1939 Register)

of James CORNE

parents: Thomas Joseph & Helen

address: 60 Kenton Street, Brunswick Square

Thomas' occupation was Street Organ Grinder

now I did find a James CORNE 1891 census with a new wife and was a Street Musican

1891 Census, St Lukes

Thomas J CORNE - 34, Street Musician, born : Strand
Hannah CORNE - 31 - born St Giles
Henry CORNE - 1 - born Clerkenwell


The children are 'popping up' on Ancestry

Grace Adelaide CORNE - 25 August 1884 - christened same parents - living at 60 Kenton Street, Thomas Joseph & Eleanor and he was then a Printer's Assistant and Grace is in Manchester School Admissions in Camden, date of birth given 15 May ยง884 - and her father was Thomas - address given 18 Wakefield Street - just listed as Grace CORNE.

Grace CORNE aged 6 is listed as a Niece on the 1891 Census St Panc with John BRIMMERORLE ?? and Mary Ann


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