Elizabeth Davis. Whereabouts after her 1861 wedding (General)

by mikedavies @, Huddersfield, Friday, January 22, 2021, 12:15 (319 days ago) @ shepway

Hi Mike,

Great work, thanks a lot. That's cleared one little query up. I don't know why I keep searching when I can just ask the questions and get the answers on here!

It is Elizabeth's younger brother who I'm really interested in (Paul or William Paul Davis b. 1838). He's my Gt Gt Grandfather and I've tracked all the information for him other than why and how he ended up in Ross from Pauntley?

He met Elizabeth Price a local Ross girl as they married in Ross in 1860 and are there on the 1861 census. What I don't know obviously is how they met, and Ross is 10-11 miles away from Pauntley. He was an agricultural labourer, so did he move there independently for industrial work opportunities prior to 1860?

He succeeded if that was the case because in future census's he is an engine driver at a tannery and then a stationary engine driver at Ross Waterworks pumping station based at Alton Court.

I can only presume that Elizabeth (and Robert) Rudge heard good reports about Ross from her younger brother, and that is why they moved there between 1871 and 1881.


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