Forest Eisteddford

by tonyjenkins @, Friday, August 15, 2008, 03:14 (4784 days ago)

I have a copy of a Parkend School pupil report for a relative dated 1946.

The report is signed by Johnny Sing (Headmaster).

In the report my relative is stated as leading a group of boys in the Forest Eisteddford in April 1946.

Where these Eisteddford regular events and has anyone got any details or indeed photos of these events.


Tony Jenkins

Forest Eisteddford

by robdavis @, Friday, August 15, 2008, 07:08 (4784 days ago) @ tonyjenkins


I found this on the British History website regarding an article in the
quoted works below and this citing an earlier article in the Gloucester Journal regarding the Forest Eisteddfodau.

One annual competition, the Forest of Dean eisteddfod started in 1897, was usually held at Double View school in Cinderford. (fn. 35)

From: 'Forest of Dean: Social life', A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 5: Bledisloe Hundred, St. Briavels Hundred, The Forest of Dean (1996), pp. 381-389. URL:

35 Glouc. Jnl. 12 June 1897; Glos. R.O., SB 15/4, p. 408; 5, p. 66.

Forest Eisteddford

by maurice @, Saturday, August 16, 2008, 08:21 (4783 days ago) @ tonyjenkins

I took part in the Eisteddfod in April 1946.It was held at the Baptist Chapel in Cinderford.I was a member of 1 of 2 12 voice boy's choirs representing Bilson Junior School of Cinderford.There were many choirs from around the FoD and there were also soloists.

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