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Supplied by Jeff Morgan

Thomas Morgan born 1837 at Littledean.pdf

Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan converted to mormonism before they left for America.
What follows is a Mormon journal on the journey and Thomas' life in the new world...

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Documents and Articles - New Additions, June 2009

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Another convert to the Mormon Church was John Herbert.

He was born May 13th 1827, son of Solomon and Esther (nee Phelps) Herbert.
John married Patience Good of Cheltenham. They joined the Mormon Church in aprox. 1853 and about 1 year later John, Patience and Solomon left for Utah on the vessel "Sidon".

I believe a document exists in the "Documents and Articles" section of this extremely informative forum. I have yet to find anyone even remotely related to any of the persons who emigrated but would welcome any feedback from related families.

Regards Jean Herbert

COSTER family of Redbrook and Newland

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Sent to us by Marsha Stringer

1679 John COSTER Whitecleeve Newland Will.pdf
1680 Arthur COSTER of London Will.pdf
1689 Anne COSTER Will.pdf
1718 John COSTER of Redbrook Will.pdf
1720 James COSTER of Coleford Will.pdf
1727 Frances COSTER Will.pdf
1731 John COSTER Will.pdf
1733 Ralph COSTER of Coleford Will.pdf
1736 Mary COSTER Will.pdf
1736 Robert COSTER Will.pdf
1739 Thomas COSTER Will.pdf

Descendants of John Coster Newland 1613.pdf
Redbrook Indenture Amendment 1709.pdf

The COSTER family is associated with some of the earliest copper mills in the Bristol area. They are included here because of the discovery of a Marriage License allegation in GLS: 1709 Jun 15 John THOMPSON aged 22, of Newland, Glos & Anne COSTER aged 22, spinster of Newland, Glos, with consent of friends. Signed 'John TOMPSON'.

The actual marriage has not been found (original records noted as unfit), but there are baptisms, beginning in 1710, Newland, of children of John/Anne THOMPSON. John is identified within the known THOMPSON family, but Anne has not yet been identified/placed within the known COSTER family of Redbrook/Newland.

We suspect that this couple may be the founding THOMPSON family of Bye Mill, SOM and are searching area records. If so, most of the area THOMPSONs are also COSTERs.

All available in our Wills Section in the Folder

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Richard Payne Centenarians Death

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Sent to us by Mary Beaven

Newspaper clipping taken from The Forester Newspaper 26th May 1995

Centenarian Richard (Dick) Payne one of only a handful of Forest men to reach their 100th birthday.

Richard Payne Centenarians Death.pdf
Newspaper Clippings

Richard Stephen PAYNE 1895 - 1995 Cinderford

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Name: Richard Stephen Payne
Birth Date: 27 Nov 1894
Death Registration Month/Year: May 1995
Age at death (estimated): 100
Registration district: Forest of Dean
Inferred County: Gloucestershire
Register number: 33
District and Subdistrict: 4821
Entry number: 3

1901 Abbey St Cinderford
Richd E Payne abt 1864 Redwook, Gloucestershire, England Head East Dean, Gloucestershire
Elizth Payne abt 1865 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Wife East Dean, Gloucestershire
Mabel J Payne abt 1888 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Daughter East Dean, Gloucestershire
Bessie Payne abt 1890 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Daughter East Dean, Gloucestershire
Gladys L Payne abt 1893 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Daughter East Dean, Gloucestershire
Richd L Payne abt 1895 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Son East Dean, Gloucestershire
Rowland H Payne abt 1898 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Son East Dean, Gloucestershire

Name: Richard Stephen Payne
Year of Registration: 1895
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: Westbury On Severn
County: Gloucestershire
Volume: 6a
Page: 256

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

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