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Coleford Cemetery Guide.pdf

This 2010 guide contains an updated plan of the graveyard. It also lists the burials of some notable people and eight servicemen who died in their country’s service during the two World Wars.

Supplied and produced by Chris Howell

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Some Gloucester Regiment Soldiers 1915-1918 2

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Some Gloucester Regiment Soldiers 1915-1918 2.pdf (4.4 MB)

Downloads - Newspaper Clippings

David Drinkwater has supplied more clippings from the Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic Newspaper which include the following soldiers:

ALLEN A W Westbury on Severn 1916
ALLSOPP William Pauntley 1916
ATKINSON J T Newent 1916
BANKS A Hartpury 1915
BARNES J Tibberton 1915
BAYLISS W J Staunton 1917
BENNETT S G Cinderford 1916
BOWKETT Frederick Little London 1915
BOWKETT Frederick Little London 1916
BRACEY Richard Cinderford 1915
BRAINE J E Ruardean 1916
BROOKES S Hartpury 1915
BULLOCK Owen Little London 1916
BURLOW G Pool Hill Newent 1915
CARTER Oscar Longhope 1918
DYSON Charles Tirley 1918
EAGLES A W Coleford 1916
EAGLES Bert Coleford 1916
EVANS H Westbury on Severn 1915
FENNELL R M Blakeney 1915
FOWLER Osman Karl Hartpury 1915
FOX H Pillowell 1916
FROWEN E H Woolaston 1915
GITTINGS C Ashleworth 1915
GOODE William Newent 1918
GRIFFIN T Lydney 1919
GRIFFITHS George Newent 1915
HARRIS Bert Hartpury 1916
HART R Broom Hill Longhope 1915
HATCH Bert Hartpury 1916
HOLFORD E May Hill 1915
HOWLETT A E The Morse Drybrook 1919
JONES D Hartpury 1917
LANE C H Ashleworth 1915
LANE Jack Hartpury 1916
LANE Jack Hartpury 1919
LEACH Francis Minsterworth 1915
LEWIS Arthur Broadwell Lane End 1916
MAYO C Cinderford 1915
MERRETT Fred Newnham 1915
MILES Francis George VC Lower Clearwell 1919
MORRIS Stanley Watts Garage Lydney 1918
PRICE Arthur Maisemore 1917
REED W Westbury on Severn 1915
RUSSELL George Brierly Hill Staunton 1915
SHOTT T Littledean 1915
SMITH H C Ashleworth 1915
TAYLOR G W Hartpury 1916
TAYLOR Gunner Newent 1914
VALLENDER Sydney Corse 1918
WADLEY W Maisemore 1918
WILLIAMS Alec Morgan Oxenhall 1917

Wedding and other Clippings 1915-1918

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Wedding and other Clippings 1915-1918.pdf

Arkell Vallender Ashleworth Wedding 1916
Cook Charles Westbury 1917
Davies Elsie Cinderford Marriage 1918
Goode George John Mitcheldean Wedding 1915
Guise John Wright Newnham 1916
Price Bertha Emily Newent Marriage 1918

Supplied by David Drinkwater

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Coleford War Memorial Roll of Honour

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Coleford War Memorial Roll of Honour.pdf

Supplied by Chris Howell

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The document is a copy the text of the new war memorial installed on Coleford Clock Tower dedicated on Armistice Day 11 Nov 2009. 

In the case of WW1 names, this is a list of those who were either born, enlisted, or lived in Coleford at the time. 

This is a compilation of the war memorials in the surrounding villages, churches, community rooms etc and was compiled lest memorials should be lost on the closure or demolition of buildings and also includes some names not actually listed on any of the memorials in the surrounding district. 

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