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George Barnfield-Hale

George Barnfield-Hale

This photograph is of my maternal grandfather George Barnfield-Hale (he assumed
the "Barnfield" part of his surname from his grandmother - her maiden name was
Ruth Barnfield). The photograph was taken by F N Jones, 12
Gloucester Road, Coleford.

On the back of this print is my Grandfathers name and address: Hill Cottage,
Lord's Hill, Coleford, Glos.(Does this cottage still exist)?

My grandfather was born in 1884 - I would guess he was in his late 20's or early
30's when the picture was taken - c.1910-20.

He was employed at the Princess Royal Colliery for many years, on retirement he
moved to Chepstow and died there in the mid 1950's.

I'm embarking on some family history research - if any of the society members
have any information I would appreciate hearing from them.

(Photo supplied by Robert Tucker)

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