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Parry - Phipps - Jenkins of Parkend

Parry - Phipps - Jenkins of Parkend

Photographs of my family taken between 1945 and 1948 are attached. left to right Thelma Parry (aka Peggy Phipps) Catherine Parry (aka Mrs Phipps) Reginald Jenkins

My mother Thelma Parry aka Peggy Phipps lived at 24 the Square Parkend from 1926 to the time she joined the ATS 8th June 1945. She lived with my Great Grandmother Catherine Parry (aka Mrs Phipps). Catherine lived with Frank Phipps. Frank was declared as my mothers father when she joined Parkend school in January 1931. I believe my mother also attended Broadwell School between September 1930 and January 1931. My mother also attended Lydney Grammar school between 1938 and 1943

Sadly my mother died 1st March 1989.

I would welcome any information about my Mother (Peggy Phipps), my Great Grandmother (Catherine Phipps), Frank Phipps (who I believe ran a haulage business,or any information re the Square between 1915 and 1946.

I believe the following people lived in the square between 1930 and 1945. My Great Grandmother moved to Nuneaton abt 1946.

1. Mr & Mrs Cawley
2. Mr Higgins
3. Mr White (The father of Dougie White aka Jason Darnell)
4. Mrs Palmer
5. Mr & Mrs Bowrie
6. Mr & Mrs Gregory (They had a dog called bounce)
7. ? Old lady
8. ?
9. ?
11. Mr Brown (sold Sweets) (My GGrandmother lived here before she moved to 24)
12. Balwins (Beryl, Ron, Alex)
13. Jack Baggus (Cobbler)
14. Edwards (mother of Kathy who was a great friend of my mother)
15. Bessy Brown
16. Iris Brown
17. ?
18. ?
19. John & Joyce Baggus. (My cousin lived here before John & Joyce) Followingdeath of my cousins mother Ena in 1933 he his brother Alan and their father Ted Jessop also moved in with my Grandmother at No. 24
20. Mrs Williams
21. Mr Burrows
22. The Wright sisters
23. ? Man with one leg
24. My family (Phipps/Parry/Jessop)

I believe the square had no running water and shared a toilet block between the two rows.

There was no electricity with radios being powered by accumulators charged up weekly at "Stodger" Morgans He ran the local garage.

In 1948 my mother married Reg Jenkins from the Lonely Farm Fetter Hill (Paces cottage) (Dark Hill) My Aunt Esme still lives there.

(Photo supplied Tony Jenkins)

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