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Charles was the Postmaster in Longhope in the mid to late 1800's. His son,
George assumed these duties. It is believed the photo was taken in 1898 at the
funeral of Esther Canning Grimes Hampton. That would have been one of the
occasions that the family would have gathered, also Esther is not present.

The names and dates are courtesy of Ethel Hampton Harrison Heafield, daughter of
Elsie Hampton Harrison, in the photo, and Granddaughter of Charles Hampton, also
in photo. This information was gathered in May, 2008 at Ethel's home in Pinner,
outside of London. Ethel is 95 but is in good health and sharp as a tack.

My cousin Charles Woodcock and I, Paul Berndt, were visiting and through the
internet we were able to connect with Hilary Rost who is also descended from
Charles. Ethel is Hilary's Aunt. Charles Woodcock and I are descended from Ann
Elizabeth Hampton, sister of Charles. Ann married Charles Woodcock of
Gloucester and immigrated to the USA, settling in Chicago to work on the

(Supplied by Paul Berndt)

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