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The following note accompanied this photograph:
I'd look forward to any members identifying the wedding guests and in particular the Bride and Groom.
I missed out on the exchange of comments relating to the Beards and Lanes in June 2011
but hope I can still offer some interesting family info.
I can guess who some of the guests are but it would be reassuring for confirmation from other old pictures.
With certainty on the groom's right is Mary [Smart] Lane and next to her is a family hero -
James [Jim] Lane, killed in action France 1918.
On the bride's left is my grandmother Annie Elizabeth [Trouncer] Smith 1868-1950.
Sitting in front of her is daughter my aunt Florence Annie [Smith] Hancock 1901-1998
The tall chap in the back row is Richard Smith 1874-1953, Annie E Trouncer's brother in law.
As guests / relatives, what do they all have in common?
The photograph was taken by H Beard. Could the venue be Pound Cottage?
Look forward to chatting about the Cottage in due course.
Yours sincerely
Ivor Smith

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