NEWENT is an extensive parish, and small market town, head of a union and county court district, and polling place for the Western division of the county, 111 miles from London, 9 north-west from Gloucester and about the same distance east from Ross, 8 south from Ledbury, and 5 north-east from Micheldean Road station, on the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester railway, situate near the confines of the counties of Hereford and Worcester, and is intersected by the turnpike road leading from Gloucester to Hereford and Worcester; it is in the Botloe hundred, rural deanery of North Forest, archdeaconry of Gloucester, and diocese of Gloucester and Bristol.  The Herefordshire and Gloucestershire canal passes through the parish, and there is a wharf at the north end of the town.  The Ell, a rivulet, runs through the north part of this parish, and drives several mills before its confluence with the Leadon. This town consists chiefly of two main streets, containing many well-built houses and some good shops.  Newent appears to have been formerly a place of considerable importance, having been a borough town, governed by a bailiff; by Leland and others the name is said to signify New Inn, being, when the communication was first opened by this way into Wales, a single house.  There is no railway at present, but the Great Western Railway Company have obtained an Act for making a line from Gloucester, through Newent to Ledbury and Ross. 


The parish church of the Virgin Mary is a handsome structure.  This venerable pile was erected about the year 1590, and designed by Thomas Taylor, architect: the roof of the nave is supported entirely by screws, there being no pillars, and must have been the work of several periods: it has chancel, nave and tower surmounted by a spire, 153 feet in height, containing a peal of 6 bells: the top of the spire was blown down in 1662, and the whole roof of the nave fell in, after divine service had been concluded on Sunday, 18th January, 1673: the church was thoroughly repaired and much altered in 1679: there is a monument of great antiquity, supposed to have been erected to the Foley family.  The register dates from the year 1673.  The living is a rectory, the tithes commuted at £1,542 with residence and one acre of land, in the patronage of St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and held by the Rev. Peter Almeric Lebeup Wood, M.A. of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Canon of Middleham. 


Here are Wesleyan, Congregational and Baptist chapels. 


The Cemetery is about half a mile to the west:  it s about two acres in extent, and contains two handsome mortuary chapels of stone, also lodge-keepers house.  Here are almshouses for six poor men and the same number for females. 


There are charities producing £57, distributed to the poor. 


The Market House, conspicuously situated in the centre of the town, is an interesting example of Elizabethan timber work of the sixteenth century,  specimens of which are now comparatively rare:  it was in a very dilapidated condition, but was thoroughly restored by the liberality of the lord of the manor, Richard Foley Onslow, J.P. whose arms, and those of Mrs Onslow, in stained glass, decorate one of the windows. 


Markets were formerly held on Fridays; but a market for stock is now only held on the first Tuesday in each month, and the fairs on the Wednesdays before Easter and Whit Sundays and August 12th, with statute fairs on the Friday after the 18th September and two succeeding Fridays. 


Newent has always been in great repute for the production of cider and perry.  There are several malting and flour mills in the neighbourhood; a tannery and some fellmongering, and glove making; bricks and drain pipes are made.  The town has two old established commercial inns – the ‘George’ and the ‘Red Lion’, both have assembly rooms for concerts and meetings.  There are several mineral springs in the vicinity of this parish, possessing properties similar to the Cheltenham and Gloucester waters; the principal spring lies a short distance from the town, and is surrounded by some splendid scenery: on the south-west is situate Yartleton Hill, now called May Hill, on account of the festive games celebrated thee on May-day; the summit is planted with fir trees; from it a very commanding prospect is to be obtained.  There are several old quarries from which fossils are obtained. 


New Court, the seat of Andrew Knowles, esq. M.F.H. is in this parish; it is a handsome residence, with colonnade portico front, situate on an eminence near the church, in park like grounds, finely timbered and with a beautiful lake.  The Holts, the property and residence of Edmund Edmonds, esq. is also situated here.  The Court House, the property and residence of Charles James Cooke, esq. is a handsome mansion in pleasant grounds near to the church.  Stardens, the property of Tichard Foley Onslow, esq. D.L. is a handsome modern stone mansion, about a quarter of a mile to the north; it is situated in park-like grounds. 


Richard Foiley Onslow, esq. who is the lord of the manor and W.J. Phelps, esq. of Dursley, the Charity Commissioners and Andrew Knowles, esq. are the chief landowners.  The soil in general is a light sand, inclining to red, better adapted for arable than pasture, of which however, there is some of a superior quality, as well as excellent orcharding;  the subsoil consists of coal, ironstone, red sandstone, sand and clay.  The chief crops are wheat, barley and turnips, and fruit is largely grown. 


The area of the entire parish is 7,803 acres; rateable value £15,890; the population in 1871 was, parish 3,168; town or liberty 1,000.


BOULSDON gave name to a family who held it from 1475 for several generations: it belonged to the Porter family in 1558, from whom it passed by purchase to Mr. J. Noarse Morse (at the beginning of the present century), who, in 1803 was lord of the manor, also a considerable landowner.  AT this place there was formerly two coal pits, sunk at the expense of several subscribers: the depth of the coal was 41 yards; the stratum between four and five feet; those collieries are now worked out, but vestiges still remain to prove the fact that coal was once wrought in the part of the parish.


CONEYGORE, or Conigre, 1 mile west was a Roman settlement.


BOULSDON and Kilcot tithing, 2 miles south-west, had a population in 1871 of 850;  Compton tithing, 2 miles north, 600; Cugley tithing, 1 mile ease, 350; and Malswick tithing, 1 mile south, 240.


GORSLEY with Clifford;s Mesne, in the parish of Newent, forms an ecclesiastical district.  Gorsley school church was opened August 14th1872, and the chancel was added in 1877:  it is a Gothic building, consisting of small chancel and nave: there are sittings for 300: a residence for the clergyman was built in 1876. Clifford’s Mesne school church is a stone building of simple architecture, and was opened in September 1863, and has sittings for 80 people:  the living is a perpetual curacy, gross yearly value £207, in the gift of the rector of Newent, two turns, and the vicar of Linton, one turn and held by the Rev. Edward Henry Sankey,B.A. OF Oriel College, Oxford.


Here is an excellent quarry of red sandstone, well adapted for building purposes.  Total population of Gorsley and Clifford’s Mesne ecclesiastical districe, 1307.


Parish clerk, William Barron


POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE, Savings Bank & Annuity & Insurance Office – Mrs. Charlotte Bisco, sub-postmistress, Church street.  Letters arrive from Gloucester at 4 a.m. & 4.45 p.m.; dispatched at 9 a.m. 4.30 p.m. & p.m.

WALL LETTER BOX, Clifford’s Mesne  cleared at 6 a.m.



For Newent Petty Sessional Division.

John Cam Thackwell esq.       

W.P. Price esq.

Reginald Wynniall esq.           

Capt. W.E. Price M.P.

Osman Ricardo esq.               

George O. Deane, esq.

Major Raikes

Clerk, Charles James Cooke

Petty sessions are held at the Market House every alternate Monday.  The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division; - Bromsberrow, Corse, Dymock, Highleadon, Kempley, Newent, Oxenhall, Pauntley, Preston, Taynton, Tibberton, Upleadon.



Norwich Union Fire, E. Pocock, Broad street

Royal Exchange, C Tunnicliff

Sun Fire, E Edmonds



Burial Board, Charles J. Cooke, clerk; Henry Jellyman, keeper of cemetery grounds

County Court, Charles Sumner, esq. Judge;  Charles James Cooke, registrar.   The county court is held at the Market House every alternate month: the district comprises the following places:- Aston Ingham, Aston Crews, Bromsberrow, Howler’s Heath, Reyson Hill, Corse, Dymock, Bromsberrow Heath, Broom’s Green, Castle Tump, Greenway, Holwood’s Green, Leadington, Ryton, Rylands, Tilleys Green, Woodend, Hartpury, Woolridge, Highleadon, Kempley, Linton, Gorsley, Newent, Boulsdon, Bran Green, Botloe’s Green, Compton, Cugley, Clifford’s Mesne, Kilcote, Malswick, Oxenhall, Hilling Green, Shaw Common, Pauntley, Pool Hill, Retford,Preston, Redmarley D’Abitot, Forty Greet, Haw Cross, Kings Green, Low bans, Rudford, Staunton, Snig’s End, Taynton, Glass House Hill, Kents Green, May Hill, Tibberton, Upleadon, Eden Hill

Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Company’s Office, (Sidney Bowkett, wharfinger & agent), Canal Wharf

Inland Revenue Office, George hotel, James William Phillips, Officer

Police Station, Richard Alley, sergeant & two sub-officers

Stamp Office, Arthur Clark, sub-distributor     



The union comprises the following parishes in Gloucestershire:- Bromsberrow, Corse, Dymock, Hartpury, High Leadon, Kempley, Newent, Oxenhall, Pauntley, Preston, Rudford, Taynton, Tibberton & Upleadon: & in Herefordshire –Aston Ingham & Linton:  in Worcestershire—Redmarley D’Abitot & Staunton: rateable value, £77,206

Board day, every alternate Thursday.

Clerk, John Edwards Price, High Street; Assistant, Charles Tunnicliff, Culvert street.

Assistant Overseer & Collector,  Alfred Jones, Pound house, Market place

Relieving Officers, Jolm Jauncey, Bury Bar (Newent district) Benjamin Nunn (Redmarley district)

Public Vaccinators & Medical Officers, William Norris Marshall, Church street (Newent district), Frank Hayes Smelt (Dymock district); W.B.Boughton (Redmarley district).

Superintendent Registrar, Charles Tunnicliff, Culvert st

Registrars of Births & Deaths,  John Jauncey (Newent district); Benjamin Numm (Redmarley district)

Registrars of Marriages, John Jauncey & Benjamin Nunn

Workhouse Edwin Wilkinson, master; Rev. Joseph White, chaplain; Frank Hayes Smelt, surgeon; Mrs. Elizabeth Jennings, matron.



Clerk, John Edwards Price

Medical Officer, William Norris Marshall

Inspector, James Hill



Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, Charles James Cooke

District Surveyor, Robert Grubb

Highway Board, - Waywardens, ex officio, the Justices, Charles James Cooke, clerk



Grammar, Church street, Rev. Joseph White, head master

National, Newent (boys, girls & infants), Samuel Robert Fisher, master; Mrs Elizabeth Fisher, mistress; Miss Rose, infants mistress.

National, Clifford’s Mesne (mixed), Miss Mary E. Fox, mistress

National Gorsley (mixed), Stephen Craggs, master

The National School, a good stone building, situated at Picklenash, is capable of containing 300 children


CARRIERS:- James Addis & Henry Davis, to Gloucester & back daily, 9 a.m. returning at 4 p.m.


CONVEYANCE.- A coach from Ledbury passes through at 9 a.m. to Gloucester, returning at 5 in the evening daily.



Bruton Edward, Bury Bar

Burton Rev. Charles H. [Wesleyan] Culvert street

Cadle Mrs

Clarke Mrs. Church street

Cooke Charles James, The Court house

Deveson Robert, Southends

Dowding Mrs. Broad street

Edmonds Edmund, The Holts

Frowde  Capt. James Henry [3rd Gloucestershire Artillery volunteers], Waldron court

Golledge Isaac, Boulsdon house

Gregorie Mrs. The Parks

Hankins Edward, New street

Harris Rev. William [Congregational] The Manse

Hartland William, Calvert street

Hill John, Broad street

Hill Mrs. Market place

Hornsby Mrs. High street

Jones Alfred, Pound house Market pl

Knowles Andres, New court

Lucy John, Culvert street

McWilliam William, Clifford’s mesne

Marshall William Norris, Church street

Matthews Miss, The Holts

Mortimer William, Newton villa

Nash Charles, Broad street

Onslow Capt. Andrew, Stardens

Onslow Capt. George, Stardens

Onslow William A. Stardens

Owen Arthur

Pontifex Russell, Sandyway

Price John Edwards, Church street

Probyn Charles, Place house

Probyn Thomas, Place house

Roach Matthew, Market place

Sankey Rev. Edward Henry,B.A. [incumbent of Gorsley with Clifford’s Mesne] Gorsley

Smelt Frank Hayes, L.R.C.P. EDIN. The Villa, High street

Smith Mrs. High street

Thurston Mrs. Broad street

Tunnicliff Mrs. Lower cottage

White Rev. Joseph [head master of Grammar school & chaplain of union], Church street

Williams Miss. Church street

Wood John, Ford house

Wood Rev. Peter Almeric Leheup,M.A. [CANON],  Rectory    



Adams James, carpenter, Culvert street

Addis Charles, carpenter & wheelwright, Gorsley

Addis James, carrier, Gloucester road

Bailey Thomas & Son, saddlers & harness makers, Broad street

Bailey William, Farmer, Culvert street

Baldwin James, bricklayer, Culvert street

Baldwin William, shopkeeper, Church street

Baron John, beer retailer, Bridge street

Baron William, tin plate worker, Church street

Beard Richard, shoe maker, Little Ford

Bidmead Jhn. Builder, contrctr. & monumentl. Mason Broad st

Birt Richard, tailor & toy dealer, Broad street

Bisco Charlotte (Mrs.), boot maker & sub-postmistress, Church street

Bisco William, carpenter & wheelwright, Bell yard

Blewett George, wheelwright & carpenter, Malswick

Bolton William, haulier, Ivy cottage, Clifford’s mesne

Brace William, carpenter & stone agent, Clifford’s Mesne

Bradford James, farmer, Carswall

Bray Hubert, ourfitter Church street

Brewer William, farmer, Hayes

Bruton Edward, draper & farmer, Broad street

Buckle Benjamin, confectioner, High street

Bunn Edwin, photographer & gas engineer

Burgum Robert, farmer & cattle dealer, Kilcote

Burrows Mary (Mrs.) farmer, Laynes farm

Byard Maria (Mrs.), beer retailer, Culvert street

Cadle John, farmer, Poydresses

Cannock John, farmer Conigree

Charles John, boot & shoe maker, Culvert street

Chidey Frank, butcher, Broad street

Clark Arthur, grocer, printer & stationer, Church street

Clark James, butcher, Okle green

Clark Peter, watch maker, Broad street       

Commeline Thomas, manager of the Gloucestershire Banking Co., High street

Cook Albert, farmer, Clifford’s mesne

Cook Charles, shopkeeper, Clifford’s mesne

Cook Charles James, beer retailer, High street

Cook James, baker & grocer, High street

Cooke Charles James, solicitor & registrar of County Court, The Court house

Cowdery George & Sons, builders & contractors, Church st

Cowmeadow William, ironmonger & blacksmith, New street

Crease John Pocock, tailor & draper, Waterloo ho. Church street

Creighton Henry, grocer & provision dealer, Broad street

Cromwell Edward, leather seller, Broad street

Crook George William, farmer Black house

Cue & Roberts, grocers & provision dealers, Broad street

Cummins John, farmer, Nelfields

Cummins Joseph, farmer Blass fields

Cummins William, farmer, Ford farm

Dallimore George, beer retailer & farmer, Clifford’s mesne

Davies Charles, shoe maker, Fisher’s cottage

Davis Samuel, plumber, painter & glazier, Church street

Davis Thomas, carpenter, Kent’s green

Dawe John, seedsman &market gardener, Bury bar

Dobbins Edwin, shopkeeper & bricklayer, Church street

Dobbins Richard, general dealer & cart owner, Gorsley

Dowdeswell Thomas, farmer, Cugley

Dowding John, Black Dog Church street

Edkins James, gamekeeper to R.F.Onslow esq. Woodgate

Edmonds Edmund, solicitor, The Holts

Edmonds Ralph, solicitor, The Holts

Edwards William, miller, Brass mill

Eves Edward Henry, general dealer, Church street

Farmer John, coach builder, Church street

Faulk Charles, miller Cleave mill

Fishpool John, shopkeeper, Gorsley

Fleetwood Harriet (Miss), fancy repository, Church street

Ford Daniel, Farmer Okle

Gas Works (Edmund Edmonds, solicitor; Edwin Bunn, gas engineer & sec.)

Gaze Isaac, builder Church street

Gloucestershire Banking Co. (Branch of) (Charles Nash, agent), Broad street; draw on Union Bank of London, London e.c.

Gooch James, drill owner, Kilcote

Good Thomas, shoe maker, Culvert street

Goodchap Thomas, farmer, Gorsley

Goolding Daniel, farmer, Gorsley

Grammar School (Rev. Jsph. White, head master) Church street

Graves Edmund, farmer, Ravens Hill

Green Benjamin, draper & silk mercer, Broad street

Greenaway Charles, haulier, Broad street

Greenaway Sarah (Mrs.), baker & confectioner, Broad street.

Grubb Robert, surveyor of turnpike roads

Hale Reuben, tailor, Gloucester road

Hankins Edward, solicitor, New street

Hankins Thomas Dalley, baker & confectioner, Broad street

Harper John, farmer, Malswick

Hart Silas, farmer, The Hay

Hartland Arthur, farmer & cattle dealer, The Green

Hartland Henry, farmer, Compton house

Hartland Henry, grocer & corn & provision dealer, & agent for W.7 A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, Broad street

Hartland John, farmer, Ploddy house

Hartland Miles, plumber, painter & glazier, Market place

Hartland Miles, Red Lion, Market place

Hatch Frederick, carpenter, builder & wheelwright, Ross road

Hatton John, tanner, Culvert street

Herbert Joseph, shoe maker, Kilcote

Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Co. (Sidney Bowkett, wharfinger & agent, Canal wharf

Hill James, sanitary inspector, Market place

Hill John, farmer, Line house

Hill John, jun. Farmer, Baldwyns

Hill Thomas, shopkeeper, Gloucester road

Hobbs William, blacksmith, Kent’s green

Hodges Frederick, blacksmith Woodgate

Holborow Francis, farmer, Boulsdon croft

Holloway Augusta T. (Mrs.), farmer, The Scarr

Hooper Thomas, farmer, Briery hill

Hopkins James, farmer, Gorsley

Hopkins Thomas, coal dealer, Bury bar

Howells Alice (Mrs.),seminary, High street

Humpidge Thomas, farmer, Malswick

James Brothers, builders & contractors, Crown hill

James Philip, builder, Bury bar

James William, shopkeeper, Church street

Jauncey John, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Newent district, & relieving officer, Bury bar

Jellyman Henry, tailor & keeper of cemetery, Watery lane

Jenkins Alfred, horse dealer, Ross road

Jones Alfred, assistant overseer & collector, Pound house, Market place

Jones John (Mrs.), farmer, Gorsley

Jones John, farmer, Great Boulsdon

Jones Joseph, shoe maker, Culvert street

Jones Thomas, blacksmith, Strawberry hill

Langley Eusebius William, veterinary surgeon, High street

Lee John, excavator & contractor & assistant overseer for Oxenhall, Culvert street

Lewis Charles, shopkeeper, Gorsley

Lewis Thomas, thatcher & fruit dealer, Glasshouse hill

Little James, cooper, Broad street

Llewellyn Brothers, blacksmiths, Culvert street

LODGE JAMES, George commercial hotel & posting house, Church street

Longney William, farmer, Yates farm

Loveridge Thomas, carpenter, Botloe green

Loveridge William, miller, Malswick

Lucy John, solicitor, Culvert street

Lummas Thomas, shopkeeper, Kilcote

Marfell Sarah (Mrs.), stationer & fancy repository, Broad street

Marshall William Norris, surgeon &medical officer of health for the sanitary district of Newent, Church street

Moody Mary Ann (Mrs.) butcher, Broad street

Morris Thomas, farmer, Carwents

Nash Chas. res. Agent, Gloucestershire Banking Co. Broad street

Neems Frederick, confectioner, Church street

Nicholls William, builder, New street

Nunn Henry, farmer, Upleadon cross

Organ Jeremiah, farmer, Moat, Malswick

Owen Henry, Anchor inn, Bridge street

Pardington George, farmer & cattle dealer, Mantley house

Parlour Thomas, farmer, Lower Boulsdon

Penwarden Peter, grocer & provision dealer, Broad street

Phelps Emily (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Clifford’s mesne

Phibbs Amos, shoe maker, Culvert’s street

Phillips James William, inland revenue officer, Church street

Phillips Richard, miller, Oklepitcher mill

Phillips Samuel, farmer, Gorsley

Phillips William, sack contractor & beer retailer, High street

Pocock Edward, grocer, Broad street

Powell Elias, chimney sweeper, Church street

Powell William, shopkeeper, Church street

Preece James Cole, blacksmith, Kilcote

Preedy John, farmer, Broad street

Price John Edwards, solicitor & estate agent, commissioner for affidavits, clerk to the union assessment committee, & school attendance committee & rural sanitary authority, High street

Price William, tailor, Broad street

Probyn Charles & Thomas, farmers & hay dealers, Place house

Prosser John, Farmer, Coxmore

Randall Joshua, farmer, Cues

Read Ann (Mrs.), grocer Lewall street

Read James, Bull inn Church street

Read William,, cart owner, Kilcote

Reeves William, watch & clock maker, Lewall street

Roper Thomas Hill, chemist, Church street

Rudge Charles, baker, & flour  & corn warehouse, Broad street

Sadler Edwin, coal dealer, Wharf street

Smelt Frank Hayes, L.R.C.P. EDIN. Surgeon, The Villa, High street

Smith Edwin James, hair dresser, Broad street

Smith Joshua butcher, Broad street

Stephens Henry basket maker, Broad street

Stone John, beer retailer & shoe maker, Gloucester road

Summers James, woolstapler, Church street

Surl John Dyer, ironmonger &  tin plate worker, Broad street

Taynton Elizabeth (Mrs.), hair dresser, Broad street

Thomson Henry, farmer, The Moat

Thurston William, grocer & provision dealer, Church street

Tranter Christopher, farmer, Ford

Tunnicliff Charles, land agent for Andrew Knowles, esq. superintendent registrar & assistant clerk to board of guardians, Culvert street.

Tyler Emma (Mrs.), beer retailer, Broad street

Wadley John, carpenter, Kilcote

Wadley William, farmer & coal dealer, Kilcote

Wedley Thomas, Royal Oak, & tailor, Market place

West Henry, veterinary surgeon, Church street

Williams Caroline (Miss), ladies’ boarding & day school, Church street

Wintle William, shoe maker, Broad street

Wintle William, Travellers Rest,  Malswick

Wood John, farmer & Landowner, Ford house

Wood John, Kilcote inn, & farmer, Kilcote

Wood Leonard, wheelwright & carpenter, Culvert

Wood Richard, shoe maker, Gloucester road

Wood Samuel, Kings Arms, Ross road

Wood William, wheelwright, Kilcote.