Gloucestershire Marriage Licence Allegations & Marriage Bonds

Gloucestershire Marriage Licence Allegations cover the period 1637-1837 and are those allegations which were sworn before surrogates in all parts of the Diocese outside Gloucester and at the Diocesan Registry in Gloucester. Each entry gives the full names of the bride and groom, their ages, marital status, profession and place of residence. If either the bride or groom are under 21 then the name of the person consenting to the marriage is also given, this is normally the father unless he is deceased. Each entry also gives the name of the surrogate and any witnesses, together with the planned location for the marriage.

Gloucestershire Marriage Bonds have been added to the Marriage Licence Allegations database. These cover the period 1730-1823, and are agreements to marry, sworn before a Minister of the Church, with two Witnesses who are bound in a sum of money. The Witnesses often have the same Surname as either the bride or groom, but the actual relationship is rarely given. The bonds also contain useful information about the occupations of the groom and the witnesses.

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Our thanks go to Graham Davison and his team for making this transcript available.