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This Index has been transcribed from the Summary Convictions Registers for Gloucestershire 1853-1879 and relate to people in Gloucester Gaol. The Gloucester Record Office references are: QGc9/1 to QGc9/9.

The database is complete and out of nearly 25,000 entries 3217 have been identified as having links to the Forest of Dean.

The registers contain a large amount of text that has sometimes been difficult to interpret, especially the names of employers and relatives. There are also many instances where a person’s abode and other locations are spelt in a number of different ways compared to the modern equivalent.

The information relating to a prisoner contained in the registers can vary, but in most instances the following details are provided

Prisoner's Surname
Prisoner's Forename(s)
Age, Height, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Visage, Complexion, Other marks
Cause of Commitment
Sentence Passed
Expiration of Term
When discharged or removed
Previously known character, habits and connexions
Convicted before, and how often
Conduct in Prison
Remarks, which can include the person’s religious persuasion

An example is shown below

Sarah THOMAS of Coleford, Labourer aged 21, 5ft 1in, Black eyes, Dark Brown hair, Small Oval face, Figure rather stout, mole on right wrist.

Assaulting one Jane Fox at West Dean on the 18th of August 1865

To pay a fine of 2/6 and 11/6 costs and 5/- further costs or seven days imprisonment (Apprehended Nov 29 1865)

Native of Coleford, single, known to P C Philpotts 6 months, nothing previously known against her "Church"

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