George Morris Morse. (General)

by mharawira, Canada, Monday, June 11, 2018, 05:42 (132 days ago) @ jbwheat

Did the George Morris Morse born 1815, son of George Morse, emigrate to New Zealand and were they both free miners?
Do you have the records for these please?

George Morse baptised 21 Nov 1784 Newland Glos married Ann Morris 22nd December 1807 Lydney Glos.
Their children were: Char bap 27th Nov 1808 Lydney Glos;
Eliza bap 11 Feb 1810 Lydney;
Richard Morse bap 17th Mar 1811 Yorkley;
Henry bap 1813;
George Morse bap 14 May 1815 Lydney;
Ann Morse bap 13 July 1817 Lydney;
Charles Morse bap 4 July 1819 Lydney;
Thomas Morse bap 8 July 1821 Lydney;
Diana Morse bap 31 July 1822 Lydney and
Mary Ann Morse bap 7 Aug 1825. Have further information if required.

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