George Morris Morse b1815 Yorkley, emigrant freeminer. (General)

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Of course other users may still be able to help untangle the various George Morses, I hope so.

Ref your query about them being Freeminers; since some of this thread was posted the Freeminer Database has been added to this website, like several other excellent aspects of this great site it can be found under the "Resources" heading on the main menu bar.
For background see

Searching that database gives a few George Morses, especially this one as a starter;

Record_Number: 497
Forename: George Morris
Surname: MORSE
Calculated_Year_of_Birth: 1815
Age: 23
Day: 15
Month: Sep
Year: 1838
Residence: Yorkley
Remarks: America
Memorandum: America struck out possibly when book was updated
Soundex: M620

This suggests he did emigrate but perhaps not to America. This would appear to perfectly match the details within the first and second posts within this thread, and so New Zealand.


I haven't studied/understood this thread in full wrt all the various George's, but from those registered as freeminers perhaps this is his father ?,

Record_Number: 493
Forename: George
Surname: MORSE
Calculated_Year_of_Birth: 1784
Age: 54
Day: 15
Month: Sep
Year: 1838
Residence: Yorkley
Soundex: M620

This George born about 1784 residing Yorkley appears to match the man mentioned in the third post on this thread (by Slowhands).

Hope this helps, meanwhile please do visit the many and varied sections of this website apart from the forum, it's amazing just how much is there to be found,there are various search boxes to help with this.


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