Gloucestershire Marriage Licence Allegations & Marriage Bonds

Gloucestershire Marriage Licence Allegations cover the period 1637-1837 and are those allegations which were sworn before surrogates in all parts of the Diocese outside Gloucester and at the Diocesan Registry in Gloucester. Each entry gives the full names of the bride and groom, their ages, marital status, profession and place of residence. If either the bride or groom are under 21 then the name of the person consenting to the marriage is also given, this is normally the father unless he is deceased. Each entry also gives the name of the surrogate and any witnesses, together with the planned location for the marriage.

Gloucestershire Marriage Bonds have been added to the Marriage Licence Allegations database. These cover the period 1730-1823, and are agreements to marry, sworn before a Minister of the Church, with two Witnesses who are bound in a sum of money. The Witnesses often have the same Surname as either the bride or groom, but the actual relationship is rarely given. The bonds also contain useful information about the occupations of the groom and the witnesses.

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Our thanks go to Graham Davison and his team for making this transcript available.


Register of Freeminers and Quarrymen

This is a transcript of the Register held at Gloucestershire Archives and was completed by May Brace to whom we extend our sincere thanks.
May writes:
From 1837 all Births, Deaths and Marriages were supposed to be registered by law, and copies from the local civil registers were sent to the General Record Office quarterly. As there was no penalty for not registering a birth ( until 1870s) not all children were registered but to become eligible as a Freeminer they had to prove that they were born in the Forest. Some of those without birth certificates were able to produce records of their baptism and some could not. In these cases other local people would vouch for them. Thus you may find instances of a persons existence where there is no other evidence of their birth.
There are some Place Names added into the entries e.g. London or Illinois. This may indicate that these miners moved on to these places but you can only treat the information as a lead until you can prove it from other sources.
After transcribing about half, I discovered just how useful these records could be when I had the shock of realising that I was typing my own grandfathers name. No-one in our present family had known anything about this time in his life, just after World War 1, and so I would urge everyone to check this database.

Wills Index

Forest of Dean Wills & Administrations Index 1858-1941

General Information

The Index is now completed and consists of 8,416 Wills & Administrations of Forest of Dean people. The information in this database has been taken from the annual Will books held at Gloucestershire Archives. These Will books contain handwritten copies of wills granted probate at Gloucester between 1858 and 1941.

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Newent Workhouse

Admission and Discharge Records

The data that has been transcribed is a list of the names and a summary of other information that was recorded in the Newent Workhouse Admission and Discharge Books covering the years 1835-1903 (Glos. Archives Reference G/NE/60/1-10) there are some gaps for the years 1844-1857 and 1880-1888. The records detail 5500 Admissions and 4200 Discharges (including over 300 who died in the Workhouse).

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Kelly's Directory 1879

Kelly's Directory 1879 of the Forest of Dean and Surrounding Areas

These directories give a full description and contain a wealth of information about a village, all the farmers, the tradesmen, important persons such as the Lord of the Manor, vicars, school teachers, post office staff, pub landlord and more.

Many thanks to May Brace who has kindly transcribed these directories and made them available.

Surname Interests

Surnames Research Register

This Research Register has been made available so that you can quickly find out
who is researching a particular surname together with the location they lived.

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Emigration List

This Emigration List is a database of Forest of Dean people who have emigrated to another country, whether they were free settlers or convicts.

The list will assist in identifying many missing people of whom we cannot find any recorded information of them after a certain date.

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Project Gutenberg eBooks

The Forest of Dean
An Historical and Descriptive Account
By Nicholls, H. G. (Henry George), 1825-1867

Iron Making in the Olden Times
Iron Making in the Olden Times as instanced in the Ancient Mines, Forges, and Furnaces of The Forest of Dean
By Nicholls, H. G. (Henry George), 1825-1867


Google Books

The personalities of the Forest of Dean
The personalities of the Forest of Dean; forming an appendix to 'An historical and descriptive account of the Forest of Dean'
By Henry George Nicholls

Forest of Dean WW1 Servicemen

The information in this database was compiled by Martin Davies and David Drinkwater. The idea behind the data was to try and create a list of all those men with connections to The Forest of Dean who in any way served their country during WW1 and not just those that were killed.

The names recorded so far total over 6000. The information that might be listed about a soldier has come from various sources. These include military records, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and local newspapers ( The Gloucester Journal, The Forest Mercury and the Cheltenham Chronicle & Glos Graphic).

An entry may just record a mans name and abode or include details transcribed from a newspaper article that could also include a photograph. Although we have some of these images they are not yet on the website or linked to an entry, it is hoped that this will be possible in the future.

The information in this database is being added to all the time and there may be more than one entry for a particular serviceman.

If any one can add more detail or a photograph to those listed or provide details of servicemen not in the database and would like them included please contact us.

The trust team

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WW1 Military Appeal Tribunals

In Gloucestershire between 1916-1918 over 40 Local Military Tribunals heard up to 100,000 appeals from men who were called up for military service. The Local Tribunals that relate to men in the Forest of Dean were held at Awre, Coleford, East Dean, Gloucester Rural, Lydney, Newent, Newnham, Tewkesbury Rural, West Dean and Westbury on Severn.

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Summary Convictions Registers 1853 - 1879

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This Index has been transcribed from the Summary Convictions Registers for Gloucestershire 1853-1879 and relate to people in Gloucester Gaol. The Gloucester Record Office references are: QGc9/1 to QGc9/9.

The database is complete and out of nearly 25,000 entries 3217 have been identified as having links to the Forest of Dean.

The registers contain a large amount of text that has sometimes been difficult to interpret, especially the names of employers and relatives. There are also many instances where a person’s abode and other locations are spelt in a number of different ways compared to the modern equivalent.

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