George and Thomas COOPER - Convict Records (Documents Articles)

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Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. Yes, Thomas and George were brothers. I read some information on here the other day which showed newspaper items from the time when the trial took place which ended up in Thomas and George Cooper and Thomas Gwilliam being transported on the 'Clyde' to Fremantle.

The Fremantle gaol would only recently have been completed and I assume they were taken straight there.

Thomas's wife remarried in 1871 and it says that she was a widow. However, I am wondering if he was really dead.

A newspaper clipping I have says that they all died before they had completed their 15 years. As they were sentenced in 1861 but didn't arrive in Australia until 1863 I think they would have only done 13 years as convicts in Australia. However, another thread on here says that Thomas Gwilliam didn't die until 1914 or thereabouts in York Hospital in Western Australia.

I keep trying to find a record of Thomas and George's either release or deaths. (Thomas was 29 when convicted and George was 23).

(They are the children of William and Hannah.)

I came across another newspaper item which mentions a Thomas Gwilliam in York about the times I am looking at and the description seems about right.

Thanks again.

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