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by george @, Monday, October 29, 2012, 18:16 (3326 days ago) @ Jefff

Can I just say a big 'Thank you' to everyone who has come up with all this information. It is the closest I have ever to understanding what on earth had happened in those by-gone days.

I am still puzzling over the Sergeant's meaning regarding the two sheep thieves, whom the farmer had hired him to deal with, when it is purported that he said they must have a good hiding but must die a good colour.

The other day I came across this little snippet:

'THOMAS GWILLIAM, exp., late 7115; middling
stout, 50 years of age, Sft. 4|in. high, red hair,
(scanty), blue eyes, oval visage, sallow complexion ;
is chargeji on warrant issued at York, on the 7tli
inst., with stealing a kangaroo dog, the property of
J. H. Monger. Vide Apprehensions.'

and judging by the much appreciated information on this site regarding the description of prisoners it looks to me as though this one had just been released and was struggling a bit.

The newspaper reports either on here, or the one I have which I would stick on this site if I knew how-it refers to an article in the Gloucestershire Beat the newspaper of the Gloucestershire constabulary, only make me ask more questions. I will probably never get to the bottom of it all.

I was given an account of another FOD family 'disaster' by the main witness so I have that pretty straight in my head.

So be thay dyead or be thay alive? (In the last few decades of the 19th century that is). One thing for certain is that our Tommy and our George weren't in France.

This is a great site by the way.

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