Sergeant Samuel BEARD, murdered 1861 (Documents Articles)

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Hi George,
well done for spotting my deliberate mistake re the marriage of Sarah COOPER !.
In the immortal words of my hero Captain Mainwaring, I was wondering who'd spot it first....

SORRY for confusing rather than clarifying the issue !
atb from an Over-enthusiastic Amateur !


Yes it does all makes fascinating reading, particularly as you say re Richard Roberts who, according to Sergeant Beard's statements, may not have struck first (that was definitely George Cooper) but Roberts certainly landed a telling "heavy blow on the head... I fell down". Given Beard was then lying defenceless and kicked abt the head etc, I find it incredible Roberts was dealt with at all leniently ?!

I fully understand your priorities in this search, although wrt the other participants I presume this is poor Sergeant Samuel Beard ?.

Record_ID: 19132
Entry_Number: 373
Year: 1861
Month: Aug
Day: 28
Surname: BEARD
Forenames: Samuel
Residence: Little Dean
Age_at_death: 37
Officiating_Minister: John J. Hedges
Event: Burial
Notes: Text in margin illegible
Register_Reference: P110 IN 1/12
Page_No: 47
Parish_Chapel: Littledean
Soundex: B630

Does this infer he was working out of Littledean Gaol/Station at the time ?.

I cannot find a local Baptism for him, I wonder if this is him ("only" have LDS sorry) altho no sign on FoD PRs or only via LDS ?

"England and Wales Census, 1841,"
name: Samuel Beard
event: Census
event date: 1841
gender: Male
age: 19
birthplace: Gloucestershire
record type: Household
registration district: Monmouth
sub-district: Coleford
civil parish: Newland
county: Gloucestershire

"England and Wales Census, 1861,"
name: Samuel Beard
event: Census
event date: 1861
gender: Male
age: 32
relationship to head of household: Head
birthplace: Lydney, Gloucestershire
record type: Household
registration district: Monmouth
sub-district: 1 Coleford
ecclesiastical parish: St Pauls
civil parish: West Dean
county: Monmouthshire


Interestingly most reports call him a Sergeant but witness William Guest calls him a Superintendant, presumably in error ?
So far I've been unable to find Sergeant Beard in the local Trade Directories altho' he predates most I've seen, also they only tend to name station Superintendants.

PS ah here his is

George, I strongly suspect forum member Paul BEARD knows more and may well be worth a direct email ?

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